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APHRODITE Deep Cleansing Face Mask (Z-25)
75ml / 2.53 fl oz

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Our deep cleansing beauty mask instantly hydrates the skin and restores radiance, while it helps to draw out impurities. 

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11,50 € 75ml / 2.53 fl oz

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Indulge your skin in our deep cleansing beauty mask, the ideal therapy for skin that is exposed daily to the elements. Enriched with nourishing oils and extracts, this treatment excellently compliments your daily skin care ritual, especially when the skin feels tired and dehydrated. Organic olive oil nourishes the skin and kaolin helps to draw out impurities from the pores. Enriched with ingredients like aloe vera, spirulina and natural polysaccharides it quenches thirsty skin’s need for instant hydration and strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving it refreshed and supple. 

How to use:

  • Use 1-3 times per week on clean skin depending on your skin needs.
  • After cleansing the skin, apply a thin even layer to the face and neck, avoiding the eyes and lips area.
  • Relax and allow the mask to dry for 5-10 minutes.
  • Remove with a cotton pad or wash cloth and wash off any residues with lukewarm water.
  • Follow with one of APHRODITE Moisturizers or Treatments depending on your skin type.
  • For better results, visit our Beauty Guide to find the APHRODITE Skin Care Regime that works best for your skin.

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Product Rating 

I had a friend give a little 15ml tub of this. It was the best mask I have ever used. I also liked the smell. I tried buying more of this product but for some reason, couldn't find. Well two weeks ago I used the last little drop and said to myself "let me look again" and there it was I found it. So I brought two bottles!:) I love this product and this company was so nice to give some extra little things on the side. I highly recommend this product. I'm biracial black/white and it's so hard to find a good product for my skin. This is it. Thank you Aphrodite!

Product Rating 

I very highly recommend this product because it really does deep clean your face and leave it not only glowing but soft and younger looking.

Product Rating 

This mask is phenomenal. I’m not a big mask person. Over never really enjoyed them, nor had I ever really seen any kind of result that made me want to set aside 20 minutes or so just for a “mask”. And for my skin, masks had always dried me out, so then I apply moisturizer after removing them. I thought that was the way masks worked: dry the hell out of my face, then suck in the moisture with my facial lotion.
Finding this mask (in a monthly subscription for beauty products) was a major game changer. It leaves my face incredibly soft and balanced looking. I have slightly oily patches on the sides of my nose nostrils and chin, but the tip and top of my nose as well as my forehead dry out like crazy. This mask just absolutely made me feel like my skin and face wasn’t even mine.
I highly recommend it. I’m buying it and I know I’ll never mess with another mask again. This is all I need.

Product Rating 

Love it! Made my skin very smooth and it really did deep clean my skin!


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