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Olive Oil-The Liquid Gold

For thousands of years the ancient Greeks have used olive oil to effectively care for their body, skin and hair. Hippocrates called olive oil the Great Therapeutic because of its great health and healing properties.

Why Olive Oil?
Olive oil is one of the most superior substances on earth for good health and great skin. In fact, when compared to other vegetable oils commonly used in personal care, it has the most similar lipid composition to that of the human skin. This allows it to penetrate pores very deeply and to hold in moisture.

Bursting in nutrients – triglycerides with a high oleic acid content, vitamins & anti-oxidants – olive oil helps in the capturing of free radicals, delaying the skin cells ageing, and providing long lasting moisture.

This liquid gold is truly one of Mother Nature’s finest gifts for beautiful, healthy glowing skin. A gift that we are proud to trust as a key ingredient in our entire product collection.

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