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Aloe Vera
Aloe vera helps to retain moisture on the skin thanks to its strong hydrating composition. Rich in polysacharides and glycoproteins, it also helps to soothe and cool inflamed or irritated skin.
Sea Buckthorn
Extracted from the sea buckthorn berries, this oil contains a wealth of nutrients that help boost the skin cell metabolism. An excellent choice to help reduce wrinkles an improve skin texture.
Thanks to its high content in punicic acid, pomegranate extract is a powerful anti-oxidant that improves skin elasticity and helps to stimulate skin regeneration. A remarkable aid for dry or mature skin.
An emollient oil obtained from the macadamia nut that spreads easily on the skin and helps to maintain moisture and softness. Suitable for all skin types.
Almond oil has various uses as it is light, non-greasy and easily absorbed. Rich in unsaturated fats and vitamin E, it is an excellent emollient that softens the skin and hair.
St John's Wort
Thanks to its soothing properties, it is excellent for sensitive or irritated skin. Suitable for all skin types, it helps to reduce skin tension, prevent blemishes and clarify the skin.
Grapeseed Oil
A light, silky oil that has superb hydrating properties and is easily absorbed from the skin. Rich in antioxidants, it doesn't clog the pores and leaves the skin youthful and radiant.
Milk Thistle
Rich in linoleic acid and silymarin, milk thistle oil helps to protect against cell damage. Studies have shown that it also helps to soothe skin redness and improve skin tone.
A rich source of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, algae extract improves skin firmness and increases resiliency. Thanks to its water-binding properties, it hydrates in depth and calms irritation.
Another famous culinary spice. As an essential oil, it is also well known for its antiseptic and stress relieving properties. In our massage oil, it is used to aid relieving stress and minor pain.
Black Pepper
Black Pepper is best known as a culinary spice, but as an aromatherapy oil it is a great aid to promote blood circulation. The warming benefits of the essential oil stimulate blood flow and improve skin texture.
Thanks to its pleasant scent and praised by aromatotherapists, lavender oil has a soothing and relaxing effect in massage therapies. An antiseptic oil that tones the skin and revives the senses.
A nourishing oil that adds moisture and radiance to dehydrated, dry skin and hair. As a powerful antioxidant, it helps to increase elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the skin's vitality.
Marine Pine
Marine pine thrives in extreme weather conditions, where other plants fail to survive. An active extract obtained from this tree helps to reduce the trans epidermal water loss, while increasing skin elasticity and moisture.
Cocoa Butter
The moisturising abilities of cocoa butter are frequently recommended to prevent stretch marks and dry, itchy skin. It helps to reduce cutaneous dryness and improves skin elasticity.
Rich in vitamins and other beneficial nutrients, honey has been used for thousands of years for its antimicrobial and humectant properties. Thanks to its rich composition, it retains skin's moisture, balance and softness.
Olive Leaf
Rich in oleuropein, a powerful polyphenol, the olive leaf extract has a strong anti-oxidant and anti-microbial action. It helps to fight free radicals and fortify the skin against the sings of ageing.
Haberlea Rhodopensis
Also, known ad the "resurrection plant", haberlea rhodopensis is a plant that has the ability to survive total water loss. Its extract, rich in myconoside, is an outstanding anti-oxidant that helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and increase skin elasticity.
Laurel oil is very beneficial in hair care. It stimulates growth and strengthens the hair, while leaving it shine and soft. Rich in nutrients, it is an excellent aid to prevent hair loss.
Centella was traditionally used to heal and soothe skin irritations and wounds. In skin care, this rejuvenating extract firms and hydrates. Rich in asiaticosides, it helps to soothe irritation and aids in collagen stimulation.
Black Oats
Black oats extract is rich in polysaccharides and amino acids that have been found to naturally support own skin’s natural moisturizing factor and provide long lasting hydration. When applied on hair, it is said to have a reparative effect on damage.
Mainly cultivated for its edible fruit, it has a high reputation as skin moisturizer and cleanser. Rich in carbohydrates, amino acids and flavonoids, it helps to reduce cellulite and detoxify the skin from the excess of water.
Ylang Ylang
Chamomile has been used for centuries to treat allergies, eczema or other skin irritations. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory action, it helps to calm and soothe sensitive or baby skin.
A "super" berry from Brazil with exceptional high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients. It helps to fight the first signs of ageing and protect against free radicals.
Shea Butter
Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, this creamy butter is a superb emollient of the skin. Helps to nourish and strengthen cracked or dehydrated skin while it protects from the harsh weather conditions and everyday stress.
Rich in flavonoids and carotinoids, calendula is well known for its anti-flammatory and calming properties. It helps to soothe skin irritations and itchy skin.
Mango Butter
A great source of fatty acids, mango butter is highly moisturising and easily absorbed. Its light texture is non-greasy and leaves the skin soft and refreshed.
Evening Primrose
A high quality oil, rich in omega-6 essential fatty acids, helps to treat skin dehydration, improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines & wrinkles.
Wheat Germ
Linseed extract is rich in natural polysaccharides that help to enhance moisture retention at the surface of the skin and in the epidermis. It also helps to plump the skin and stimulate the collagen synthesis.
Babassu Butter
Coming from the kernels of the babassu tree, it melts as soon as it comes in contact with the skin to form a breathable, non-greasy protective layer to prevent moisture loss and leave the skin silky soft.
The stimulating eucalyptus oil has decongestant properties and is used by aromatherapists to soothe muscular aches and joint pains. Also known to be antibacterial along with its cooling scent, it helps to ease congestion and fight colds.
Witch Hazel

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