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Our olive oil soaps: purity based on years of tradition and culture

We include a high percentage of pure olive oil in each bar and complement it with numerous beneficial herbal ingredients for a soap experience like no other. All our soaps contain no preservatives or animal fats and they are not tested on animals.

  • Fragrance Free Soaps

    Ideal for skins suffering from allergies and/or sensitivity, or simply for those who prefer non scented herbal soaps.

  • Scrub Soaps

    Exfoliating olive oil soaps for skin that needs a deeper cleansing.

  • Scented Soaps

    A world of scents and aromas captivated in our large variety of olive oil soap bars, a gift from nature’s herbal treasure chest!

  • Donkey Milk Soaps

    Donkey milk was used since ancient times to enhance beauty. It is said that Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, used to bathe in donkey milk to keep her skin soft and supple. APHRODITE olive oil & donkey milk soaps combine two powerful natural emollients to gently cleanse and moisturize. Its mild composition makes it ideal for sensitive, dry skin types and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

We recommend

APHRODITE’s Soap Gift Sets

Our elegantly packaged and convenient soap sets are the perfect gift for those looking for just the right gift to give. Selections of soaps in various combinations, they are a great idea for your loved ones.

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