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All the right products for strong and healthy hair

Start the day off the right way with Aphrodite’s hair and personal care line. Our shampoos conditioners and hair masks deep clean, reduce excess oil, and keep hair color shiny and vibrant while protecting it from daily wear and exposure.



  • Whatever your hair type is, Aphrodite has created a shampoo that meets your need for clean, healthy and shiny hair. Combine it with our conditioner and hair treatments for ultimate results!

  • Aphrodite’s hair conditioner is ideal for soft, smooth and manageable hair. Simply a must-have in daily hair treatment.

  • Dry and damaged hair need some further care to revive its natural beauty. Indulge in our specially formulated treatments to help your hair recover from damage caused by heat-styling and hard water. The hair will look shinier and healthier after just one application!

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